RLB & Smitten Apparel invite you to:
Moonlight, Messages & Mediums

Bringing back Catherine Graham of “Journey Healers” & Janice Moffat of “Holy Crow Connections” together on a moonlit evening to deliver messages from Spirit. Profits of the evening to be donated to the “Out Of Poverty Society of Guelph” and Chalmers Community Centre.

Please join us Tuesday Nov 21st at 7:00pm at RLB 197 Hanlon Creek Boulevard unit# 103 for another special group reading with Catherine & Janice as they tap into the other side to bring you heartfelt messages from your loved ones in spirit. Receiving messages from beyond allows for healing and gives you the opportunity to move forward on your journey.
Spirit will give messages of love, support and understanding through these 2 exceptional psychic mediums who are passionate about connecting you with messages from the ones you love.
*In Support of “Tampon Tuesday’s” bring a donation of a feminine hygiene product or hygiene item and receive an opportunity to win a reading with Catherine or Janice.*


Only 50 seats will available. Reserve seats with Holly via e-transfer only at info@smittenapparel.ca password: begintoheal
Please note: *Tickets will not be sold at the door *