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Tucker, Taz & Kelly – December 13, 2011

Tucker, Taz & Kelly on Tampon Tuesday (December 13) by CTVLondon

EZ Rock Interview with Mandi Fields on Tampon Tuesday

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Tampon Tuesday

Londoners flocked to the JLC with boxes of tampons in hand to take part in August’s Tampon Tuesday, held this month in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build on the build site for the Hammer of Hope Build 2010! Guests donated a box of feminine hygiene products to enter the event. These donations go directly to the London Food Bank to help local females in need of these essential products. Guests enjoyed music by The Shelly Rastin Band. Tampon Tuesdays are great networking events that occur every 2nd Tuesday of the month at Jack Astors South from 4–7 pm. Mark it in your calendars for next month!



Pad your social network at Tampon Tuesdays
Urban Compass by Lia Grainger

Published: October 03, 2011 9:08 a.m.

Carolina Gutierrez greets me with a smile. She’s standing in the upstairs bar of Jack Astor’s on John Street. On a table next to her sits a large clear plastic container labelled “Tampon Tuesday.” It’s bursting with boxes of tampons and pads. She looks up at me: “Have you brought a donation?”

This is Tampon Tuesday, a once-a-month networking event that helps women meet women, while also helping disadvantaged women with a very basic need.

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La Jornada Article

Tampon Networking

kate.dubinski – June 9th, 2010

I have to admit, I don’t do networking. Or at least, I don’t go out and “do” networking the way some people do networking.

I get a little bit antsy at the thought of having to small talk with people, and what terrifies me the most is knowing when to end the conversation. If I’m interviewing someone, there’s a natural end to a convo when I’ve got the information I need (although much of the best stuff in interviews comes after you put your notebook and pen away and just talk). I say goodbye and thank you, and that’s it. When I’m in a small-talk kind of conversation, I never know when it’s polite to walk away and move on to the next person.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Tampon Tuesday, which is organized by Mandi Fields from A Channel, whom I met a couple of weeks ago. The idea is that women get together at Jack Astors on the second Tuesday of every month, have some food and drink, network, and bring tampons/pads/diva cups, etc., for the London Food Bank. I took Ms. White Cabana as my wing woman.Mandi wanted me to be an ambassador for the event in September, and I didn’t know what that meant, so I said I’d come check it out before I decide.

Maybe it’s the word “networking” that gets me — it seems so contrived. Really, it was just mingling over broccoli and mushrooms and little pizza slices. I haven’t quite mastered the business card hand-off (like, if someone gives me their card, do I automatically give them mine, or do I wait until the ask for it?) but I met some really cool women at the shindig and I have, officially, agreed to be the Tampon Tuesday ambassador for September. Maybe Allison Graham can give me some insight into the business card thing.

As far as I can tell, being an ambassador means getting as many people as I can to come out to the event and making a quick speech about the importance of the food bank, women and tampons (all of which I think are very important, so it works). If I even remotely know you, look for me to be asking you to come to Tampon Tuesday in September. And bring business cards.

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Tampon Tuesday Terrific!

I recently had the wonderful pleasure of being an Ambassador for the monthly Tampon Tuesday event. An event where women come together to bring feminine products to donate to the food bank, to help women of our community who are less fortunate.  Afterall, for women, tampons and pads are a ‘stable’ and not cheap! Have you visited the drug store lately! There is now so many choices of products with a wide range of costs!

Consider yourself invited! Every second Tuesday of the month from 4-7:00pm. It’s hosted at Jack Astor’s on Wellington St., and open to anyone to attend.

Hope to see you there…no strings attached!